Thursday, December 2, 2010

Terrific Thursday.

As I hoped it would, today was a very surprising yet an awesome day for me. Met new acquaintances along the day and I hope we could stay in touch.

It all started with a surprising reply on twitter, from my current favorite soccer player (well, I guess he's been living in Germany since birth OR he's half German, I don't know), Kim Kurniawan! He is so cute! As well as Irfan Bachdim and Alessandro Trabucco :)

Had an hour practice of pilates at the gym and finished off with a soothing sauna session. Since I had the upset-stomach thingy, I haven't been going to the gym quite that often. Well, once or twice a week is better than nothing, eh? Anyways, a lady asked me about the bag I was using - the pink and blue megamendung with python and cobra skin (well, I'm guessing she's in her mid 30s). And so, she's actually my first OUTSIDE customer on the 'line' I'm currently developing with my cousin. Plus, met some of my mom's friends and they were actually interested on my batik bag as well!

And yes! A "Cupid Blossom" with 3 different ice creams (green tea, peanut butter, and cinnamon) + this lovely hot mocchacino for tea time. Bakerzin is my current favorite ice cream place. I LOVE THE CINNAMON FLAVOR!!

Well, these are just a tiny-weeny bit of what I'm trying to sell. It'll be online, but I'm still working on it. Please stay tuned. So, enjoy these first! :)

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