Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today, 49 years ago, she opened her eyes for the very first time in the world. Today, 22 years ago, she exchanged her vows in the holy matrimony. I am so grateful to be in this world, having her as my mom. She supports me in everything I do. She gives me the best advices. She provides me with her love. Full on. She knows me well. I love her. So does my brother. Hope Father in Heaven will pour out His blessings all through this year for you, mommy :)

Today, we had a lovely luncheon together. Just us, our not so big family - minus my European brothers, at Seribu Rasa. It was only a small gathering, just like a usual Sunday, which I think we tend not to have eat-outs often than before. Loved all about it. The ambiance, the food quality, the service, and not to mention the interior.

OMG, I was thinking about renovating this old and rusty mansion I'm living in, into a modern Indonesian contemporary home with a touch of traditional Javanese feeling - with, of course, high ceilings of 4 - 4.5 meters.

And oh, we haven't blown out the candles yet. Will be uploading the cake later on :)

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