Saturday, December 18, 2010


When I went to THE GOODS DEPT last week-ish, my eyes were falling for one of my #OctoberWish. Yes, the Melissa shoes that I want. I had guts to actually tried the shoes, my size, in hope that it would be perfect for me. But then, it turned out not as I hoped it would. Perhaps, the heels were too steep for me. And plus, the end is not round. I think the most suitable shoes for me are those with rounded finishing in front.

Anyways, I had to let go the 'dream wish'. But then again, I've got some cool shoes, and also handbags, that were coming to my house. It was my aunt's friends fashion line. It's called Blink! and I still couldn't find its link. She sells her collections at Populo - but I think the store is relocated somewhere else, not in Senayan City anymore. Or you could just go to Pasaraya Grande, I think it's on the Ground Floor  - where Sabbatha used to sell their goods there. Blink! is similar to Sabbatha, but with more affordable prices :)

And yes, I fell in love with this super comfy wedges.

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