Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Got some new bedsheets for the bed. Oh how I love the holidays season. Sale, sale, sale! And these are 70% off :)

I feel so tired today. My head's been spinning since lunchtime. My body temperature is a bit high. I can't taste a thing - my tongue is numb. Not to mention about the pale color on my face. OMG, what's going on? I have to get back in track, ASAP. I have so many assignments to do. And important ones! How can I finish all of those with a condition like this? Not to mention about The Goods Dept that will be open on the 9th, which is....TOMORROW!!! I have to be fit again by tomorrow!

And, oh! I think I'm becoming a bit bored with my blog's layout because of kak Icha's banner that I volunteered to make the other night. Oh well, perhaps I'll just have to re-layout this one when I'm fully charged later on.

Check her blog here before you continue to scroll down! And if I may say, welcome to the world of blogging, kak Ichaaa! :D

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