Saturday, December 18, 2010


It was Frank Lampard who opened my eyes on the world of football (or soccer, you may say). Yes, he was the one who caught my attention for the first time. Ha ha. I was a Chelsea freak. Yes. I knew everything...and I mean, literally, EVERYTHINGGGG.. About all of the players, positions, etc. And even their personal life! After school, I always checked their official website. Sharing ideas and imagining things with my brother. Had their original jerseys. I even stayed up late just to watched a live game. Oh! I also edited a signatured photo of Mateja Kezman and added the writing of "To Kezia" - OMG, okay I know.

OMG. I didn't notice that I was THAT freak about Chelsea FC.

Then my interest on the world of football lessen each year after I entered high school - well, the last year of junior high. I rarely watched football as I used to, only watched some interesting games.

With the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 that's going on right now, I began to watch our national team plays. Not to mention with the new eye candy to the team, Irfan Bachdim. Our team got through to the semifinals, and we've just finished the 1st leg against the Philippines (and the 2nd leg will be on Sunday the 19th).

I did a little research on the Philippines national team, just about half an hour before the match started. And there it goes. I began to fulfill my curiosity again. Yes, it was the Younghusband's brothers. My oh my. I've seen these cuties before. Somewhere. Yes, they were in the Chelsea Reserves Team. It seems like all of the past memories came back all to me.

I began to remember about my conversation with my brother when we imagine things - yes, we always imagine bizarre things before going to bed. He once said that he'd be living in England, playing football in an EPL team, being friends with the Younghusband's, and all those tween-imaginary moments. Well, at least he's now fulfilled one of the list. Living in England. And now I want him to be friends with the Younghusband's, so I could.... you know... ;)

Anyways, James and Phil Younghusband are now my current..obsession? Well, I don't want to say it as an obsession, but more of a...mmm.. celebrity crush? HAHAHAHHAHA!

I reaaaaaaaaalllyy want to meet them! And oh, Nat King Cole's version of Dahil Sayo is stuck on my head. Every time I hear the song, I always remember my grandfather. Okay, I think I'm gonna sing this song to him someday. Maybe on Christmas? Ha ha!

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