Monday, December 20, 2010

Football Fever.

I think Indonesia is having a 'football-fever' at the moment. Because of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 that's been going on for the past...mmm..I actually don't know.

Anyways, firstly I think it was Irfan Bachdim who started it all. He simply made girls to watch football games. More surprises revealed Plus not to mention the appearance of Philippine National Men's Football Team in the semifinals. Yes, the team is fulled with good looking guys. Females, in all group ages, love to see their appearance on TV. And yes, believe me, I am one of them.

They are all so sweet and nice. They played very well and should develop their football in the country. It's true about what Phil Younghusband stated, that the Philipppines is the best looking team in the competition :)

Anton Del Rosario, James Younghusband, Phil Younghusband, and the team captain - Aly Borromeo. I wished I brought my camera along so it didn't blur. And freeze.

Oh god, I want to go to the Philippines.

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  1. Kezia, Philippine is not like what u just imagined.... I have been there many times. The only place which can be assumed as big city is Makati, the rest is just like urban area, and the boys look like similar as what we see in Solo, Jogja, Bantul, hehe... their face is the same with javanese boys in Indonesia. U'll suprise if u see it... I hope u won't :) cheers...
    -The Anonymous-