Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twenty Five.

Yesterday was simply a very looooooooooong and tiring day, not to mention I was being the photographer...but it was filled with all the joy and happiness from family and friends that were gathered around at the house. What I love about Christmas time is that I could enjoy all the great food. Cakes. Cookies. And all the others. For free! (Hahaha!)

Anyways, to share happiness around with others is a great feeling. And I was really glad to see my Kakung (grandfather), being the man of the day, looked so happy being gathered with all his friends and of course got full attention by 'the mighty man' - which I could say... Mr. E. Yes, I think Mr. E is a really great and humble man. He does really care about Kakung, I guess.

Kayla, the assistant photographer.

Oh well, let's finish all the talk. There's Malaysia vs Indonesia for the first leg of the AFF final in front of me now, via TV. I guess I'll get back on this a bit later? ;)

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