Monday, February 21, 2011

Can't Think of a Title.

The day started with design studio class, which is now digging a hole in the restaurant topic. Yep, we're asked to design a whole new look for a fine dining FRENCH restaurant. Ha. Ha. Design concept? Rococo-inspired. Feminine. Gardens. Oh! And birds.

Have been eating a lot. Moody. Lazy. And I think the moon's gonna be here any soon now. Ha, ha, hhh. Oh well, whatever. Current playlist of the day: Brian McKnight.

Hmm.. Can't actually write any other thing. Hm. But perhaps you could check Lloyd Popp's newest video on his channel, doing an interview that I was talking about the other day. He actually informed me about the video and I was quite surprised and flattered. I was featured!!! Digitally. Haha! Thankies :)

P.S: I've added some cool new sites that I found under "Her Inspirations" (well, technically MY inspiration. Hm.. Okay... Ttyl then. I'm random-ing myself. ???)

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