Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday and Feeling Up!

It's Friday and it's somehow the Batik Day for most areas in Indonesia, well it is in Jakarta. Anyways, during the past week, I mostly didn't change much on what I wore on foot, and my Pandora Sailor is one of them.

I hadn't had the chance to post a review about Diana Rikasari's shoe line, which she refers as her baby, UP Shoes. The 14-days of waiting was surely worthy, I am very satisfied with the quality of the shoes, it is very comfy and well-fitted. At first, I was surely shocked and almost cry, because due to my feet that are wider on each sides, I thought the Pandora wouldn't fit - but thank goodness it fits just perfect :)

For you shoe lovers, UP Shoes is worth to visit (and even to buy!). As a shoe lover myself, I think Up manages well on their products and also their range of price. You would get yourself visiting the website every now and then, trying to look if there's any new models or not, just like I do :D

Thanks, Up!