Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet My Vito.

Okay, I think I need to take a break from this restaurant assignment for a while. And I haven't touched my 3Ds Max yet, OMG. Plus, had an hour-ish Skype session with my brother. DOUBLE OMGs. But I know, with extra strength from the Almighty, I know I can do it! Yeahhh!

Anyways, I've been looking around in my grandaddy's (I call him Kakung; Javanese thing.. Ha!) workspace - which is sooooooooo packed with all of his things. And I want to share some treasures that I found in his workspace.

When I was still 12ish or so, mas Johann told me once, that he got this vintage leather traveling bag from Kakung's room and he once told me... "If you have good eyes, you'll found this room as a treasure box.." - and that is why I am trying to open my eyes, looking for some good findings.

I've always loved the smell of his work room right when the door is opened. The smell of old-leather combined with dusty-atmosphere (??? I don't know how to explain it specifically). I guess this space is bigger than my own room, which do bugs me off, seriously. But oh well. And yes, just fyi, I am living with my grandparents. HAHA! Okayyy... Back to the topic... His book collections are MASSIVE! And these are only in his room, you should see his books OUTSIDE the room. I think now I know where my book-worm DNA comes from.

'85 Edition

Kakung is a collector - in everything. He has so many interests and activities. When he was in his 20s, fighting for his country's independence, made him so much into scouting (Pramuka) later on. Perhaps these outdoor-sy activity made him much into hunting and it leads to shooting. You can clearly see his hunting guns collections, as well as his collectible hats. Like seriously, any types of hats. Well, I'm not into hats so yeah..

Aviation is another thing. Plus, photography is his other interest. I think he has used almost all big brands of cameras. Nikon? Of course. Canon? It's his favorite. Polaroid, Yashica, Leica, you name it. There are so many vintage cameras in this house, but I haven't found the really good ones.

It then made me realize, that he has always been so supportive and so caring to me. I once had in mind to sing him his favorites Dahil Sa Yo or What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Buuuutttttt.... although I had singing classes back then, I think my voice sounds better in the bathroom rather in public. That is why.. My next wish: is to surprise Kakung by renovating his workspace! BEFORE HIS 84TH BIRTHDAY ON SEPTEMBER!

I love my Don Corleone so much.
And of course his lovely Carmella :)

P.S. I'm sorry if the resolution of the pictures aren't that good, cause it was taken from my Blackberry. I couldn't be bother to take photos with a camera.