Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The first day of the new month was a weird one. I, amazingly, didn't have that much of appetite as I would. Even my eyes weren't tempted to actually consume those delicious food around. Anyways, have been doing my 3D Max assignment - and I think I wouldn't have the energy to finish it by today. And got a new dress for my relative's wedding on Sunday. And I think the major highlight of the day is.......

A penny-less collection of one of my favorite architect, Frank Lloyd Wright (hey, we have the same birth date, Franky) - which I got from one of the coolest lecturer of all time, Ms Mia :D Thank youuuuuu so muuuuuuucccchhhhh *teehee

Goodbye and goodnight. Let's hope tomorrow will be a bright and cheery day. I kinda need a big dose of those. Peace out!


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