Friday, February 4, 2011


Have been doing the paperwork for the booklet and I think I'm not going anywhere today. The weather is perfect to stay in and lingering around the house with a box full of Maltesers.

Anyways, discovered an interesting musician last Saturday with Boggie and I've been on youtube searching for him on the web, and finally I found him! His name is Lloyd Popp and he's the first professional Talkbox-er in the country and I think you'll might like him. You should check his cool remakes here!

Flicked through some stuff and found some inspiring artworks from a new site that I discovered. And I feel like painting. But I still have piles of work to do. And it's due in about one more week. Oh well....



And this one's my favorite. Love at first sight,"Ele'paint"

All images are from here!

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