Sunday, February 20, 2011

Short Saturday.

Starting a Saturday with a morning class, in a very gloomy weather, wasn't really what I want to start my weekend. Who would? But anyways, got really panicked on the road, not only because I was late, but also the fact that it's been so long since I drove my own car, haha! And yeah, I thought I hit another car, but thank God it was only the sidewalk. But still, OMG!

Hm. Anyways. What else should I write? .... Oh! Learned this cool stuff on 3Ds Max in the class. And wow! Look at this! It looks very reaaaaaal!

Yes, perhaps I'm such a nerd for adoring and loving the magnificent power of 3Ds Max could do, but for a beginner like me, trust me, it's an amazing thing to discover what a simple computer program could do! And how I love modern technology. But I also love the funny taste of SourSally's new Choco-Nutty (is it?) flavor, haha!

Mostly stayed in for the rest of the day. I was so exhausted due to the lack of sleep for these past few week. Overslept until 8-ish, and oh how I wished I didn't wake up till the new day comes. It's really bugging me to actually wake up and all you see is black.

Random thought
, but I think the weather nowadays is really confusing. You could clearly see the sun is shining bright even at 5.30ish! Hm..

And yeah, this is how I spend this Saturday. Accompanied with the 600-paged -ish Art History book. Plus, listening to Global Radio Jakarta for staying in tune to my newest favorite...artist? If I may say. Haha! Lloyd Popp, the first professional Talkbox musician in the country :D

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