Friday, February 25, 2011

Today's Inspiration.

Okay. I haven't make a start on continuing any of my works. I'm tired of... thinking? Ha! Anyways... I've been in front of babymac for almost 4-5ish hours up till now, searching for new ideas, cools sites, looking for inspirations. And all that.

I found out about Katie Daisy, a witty and charming (if I may say) artist/illustrator from North Carolina. All of her works are so bright and cheery. I fell in love with most of her works, and they actually inspired me. A lot. Especially they're related to my current work (a rococo-inspired restaurant, where bright colors and freedom is all about). Plus, they're all boosted my mood up :)

Perhaps if you're feeling down like me, you should go to her blog here! Or her site, or even her Etsy page where she sells her creations.

All images are from here!

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