Friday, February 25, 2011

The World of Digitals.

I'm so amazed with what modern digital technology can do to us (in this case, I'm talking about the power of Internet). It's a very broad topic to talk about. It could impact people in different ways, sometimes it could also change people's lives. People may use it differently amongst others. Educational use, communication, promotions, etc etc.

Anyways, for me, I am using the Internet for mostly everything. I shop online. I share ideas. I gain inspiration and knowledge. I discover new stuff. And yes, I get new acquaintances.

Lloyd Popp, the first Indonesian talkbox player, is one of the example! Haha! The first time I heard his tunes was when he had a show at Grand Indonesia, then the next day he went on air in one of the national tv channel. I began to know his appearance on his youtube channel and his twitter account. Talking to a famous person is really... mm.. Haha I don't know. I just love his mixes and they're actually boosting my mood up. It could funked you. Seriously. Check out his channel! And yay! I was featured on one of his video, digitally. HAHAHA.

Anyways, next up is Jeannie Octaviani, a fellow blogger who shares a great interest in the design world as well. Though I've just known her yesterday, but we already shared our opinions about design. And she's the one who told me about these lovely inspiring interior blogs, {this pretty space} and mi casa es su casa. She even made me a review on her blog! Oh, how sweet.. Thank you so muchhhh, I'm really flattered. You're the first. Hahahaha!

I began to remember one of Andy Warhol's magic philosophy, and now I believe in his words.

And oh! Please take a peek at my cousin's portfolio. I've always love his works and ideas, very European. And it was lovely helping him on his final project, The Indonesian National Football Team 2022. Although I couldn't joined the other to attend his graduation last summer, I feel happy for him by looking at the videos and his samples that he gave - and I've got new acquaintances from the project as well. Apparently he's my closest and coolest cousin of all - we've been growing up very close, and I see him as my oldest brother.

P.S. I found this typography very interesting. Image is from here!