Monday, February 7, 2011

Birds & Flowers.

The days went by so quick, even I haven't been quite update enough with the blog world. I try my very best to spare some time of the day to check and if I'm in the mood, I'll write some stuff. It's just a promise that I made to myself to keep this blog nice and clean :D

Oh well, I don't know what I was writing about up there. It's just for the intro, ha ha. Hm. Anywayssssss, had a very very long weekend last week, had a vaca since Tuesday - cause there was Chinese New Year going on on Thursday. Attended my third cousin's wedding the other day (her mom and my mom are cousins). Met dozens of long lost family members, who I barely don't know. Family on my mom's side (especially from my Kakung) are very..... artistic, if I may say. There are many artisans from many areas; designers, photographers, writers, even singers, ha ha! It's a pity that I only know some of them quite well, and I think I should get along with the Budidarmo's frequently.



I love family gatherings, and I think we should do it more often from this side of the family :)

Had a rough day today. Well, not rough... It has been quite tight. Especially with the assignment that I'm currently doing. I still have a heavy load work to do. Wish me luck, please?

Oh, do you like my shirt? It's a simple long-sleeved shirt with a cape(ish) in front, which you then could modify it up to you. If you like Comme des Garçons and Peechoo + Krejberg, or even the whole wardrobe in Papillon Duo/Kemang, with of course reasonable price, you better check TROIS online shop.

In this post: Biyan heels, a flowery-padded dress from Metro, Trois shirt, Zucca shorts, Kloom clogs, Fjallraven's Kanken look-a-like red bag from Silla & Harrington :)

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