Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Good morning to you all in the GMT +7 timezone! I came to the point of having a very stressful moment for the last 12 hours and so I didn't had the time to post some stuff on the blog just like I was saying in the previous one.

Surprisingly, I've lost my 3Ds Max file that is due on Saturday this week. And I don't know what will I do - but I guess one thing's for sure, I HAVE to re-do it again. So basically I still have...... 4ish days to do, which I guess it's alright. *fingers crossed* I made a new one last night, and just now I tried to open it to continue it, but it also says "File Open Failed" - even the backup files too! OMG! I guess this is the time where I need to focus and also put it all in God's hands. And believe that He'll help me with giving me EXTRA strength to finish it all.

Wish me luck, please?

I can't be bother to deal with these technical stuff right now, cause it's still early and I'm so not in the mood. So.... hmmm... These are the things that kept me staying up all night and only had 3 hours of sleep.

And yes, I'm still furious on my 3D. ALL YOUR PRAYERS ARE NEEDED!

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