Tuesday, February 1, 2011

5 Times a Dime.

I've just found out the other day that in this first month of the year, it has 5x of Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays - which only occurs once in every 800ish years. Wow. It's just amazing to know such an amazing fact like this. And so... how was your 5th weekend of the month?

Mine was pretty amazing. Saturday. Had a nice day out with Boggie, nyahaha :D

Sunday. Had a nice sermon at the church. Followed off with a great lunch with the gang at this nice Italian restaurant - which I think it's only opened for about a month ago, at Panglima Polim, Convivium. If you're looking for a place to have a nice gathering, whether it's in the day or even in the evening, this place is a must try. You'll love the food and the ambiance that they have. I love all the details that they payed attention to.

Monday, today... Was nice. I think finishing the first month of the new year with your friends is great. Had a nice sushi luncheon with Lizzie-O. Window shopped together. And finished the rest of the day at my place and Ervin came along. And behold, they are the first ones to come and check my newly birdie room. Come and drop by whenever you pass my house, you'll have a great meal and of course a special session with the babymac *teehee*

Believe me, the babymac has another 200ish photos, and also some videos, that we took.

And even when the new month's just about to start, these new lovely heels by Up Shoes are so juicy. OMG. I guess it's going to be a hard month to NOT buy a new pair of shoes. Aaaaaa help me! Pleaseeee?

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