Thursday, February 17, 2011

Greeny Me.

So yeah, got bored doing my 3Ds Max (for the.. I don't know how many times) and so I was thinking to blog some stuff.

At last, the bathroom is finished. Well, it was done for about a week but because of the things that I was caught up on, I hadn't had the chance to finish up the bathroom. Although I had a misunderstanding with the workers about the mozaics, but oh did turned out just okay. And yes, I cried. Like, literally, cried over tiles. HA-HA.

Finishing touches are important, becuase I looooooovvvvvveeee the colour of lime green and orange, and yellow, I saw these cute little monkey clothes hangers - which I assume it connects to my green bathroom. Which then I saw the its 'twins' for the bath mat and of course the shower curtain. Looking at the used mirror, it's so dirty and I don't like it. Had the idea to put tile stickers to cover it. And yes, to finish it all up, I then put my ultimate signature of putting (mostly used) ribbons in the key! *teehee* - and of course, you should see my room which is full with ribbons and all of that stuff, but you could flick through the previous pages to see what's inside my room. That is, if you want to.


Mmm.. Anyways, got the newest edition of Elle Decor which contains a lot of inspiration and scribbled some concept ideas for the Restaurant assignment in my brain. Ha!

Elle Decoration - French Edition

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