Thursday, February 24, 2011

The First and Last of Today.

So hey! Stayed home for the rest of the day, working, as usual. I am so tired and I think I over-eat. Ha. Ha. Oh well, who cares. By the way, I read an interesting article on today's paper, saying that our mood could be affected by how much water we consume. Hmmm.. Anyways... My eyes are droopy right now, but I'm having this obsession to update my blog. Well, not obsession. I would say... desire? Ha. Ha.

I just hate how pencil leads and sweat would do when they combine together. Yes, dirty drawings. And dirty hands. And yes, dirty keyboard.

I feel sorry for babymac's keyboard, and mouse - apparently. They got all these dirty smudges from leads (and paints, ha!) I've tried to get rid of them but then it got stained again, so yeah. Huh. And oh yes I do, I work on floor. Mostly. Do I get back or neck pains? Oh yes. I should stop working on floor. And I need to change my chair.


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