Saturday, February 19, 2011

Much Love?

Referring to my my previous post about Up Shoes, I just want to share a few things. On shoes, of course. And others.

Since I was little, I am more into shoes than clothes. Well, perhaps it's 51% on shoes, and 49% on clothes and accessories (haha). I have been shopping (many) shoes in this new year - which has only gone for one and a half month, and still counting. I love the smell of fresh leather from a brand new pair of shoebox.

Looking at my mom's old pictures, I may say she has the perfect taste on fashion, during her time. She has the similar taste with my Uti's, which is my grandma. And by this, perhaps I inherited some of my mom's taste on style - which is why I like to go shopping with her! (And also my Uti). Not because I want to brag them to buy the things I like, but they give me inputs and, well, the truth. As much as I love shopping with friends, but I guess shopping with your own mommy is just different. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be smug or arrogant - I'm just trying to share what I have in mind about my superwomen in the world.

My very own Don Vito and his Carmella

Today, I spent time with mommy - doing an unexpected shopping time together. It's all of a sudden and I think things that aren't expected could turn out to be really excited. Well, that's my philosophy in life: to expect the unexpected.

I love shoes. I love my mommy. And I love my family. But on top of that, I am truly in love with God with everything He has given me, and one of that is by giving mommy and I the same shoe size :)

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