Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moody's Mood For Love?

I've wasted a bucket of tears today. I've been so moody lately, and watching No Strings Attached in the movies wasn't really helping. Well, it sort of escaped me from the reality. Well, anyways, enough with the moody Kezzy, I'm going to write a little review about the movie from my perspective.

I always love romantic comedies. And Ashton Kutcher, well yeah, at first, I wasn't really into him, though - I began to take an interest in him when he played the role as Reed in Valentine's Day. But then when I saw him in the movie, he was doing so well into the character of Adam.

This Adam guy is soooooooo sweet and I would really like if an "Adam" actually comes to my life, HAHA! He's so sweet, he would do anything to get his ideal girl, and yadda yadda yadda. I think he's the funny-out of the blue-romantic type of guy, you know. He even made Emma an original period mixtape! Nyawwwhhhhhh.. How sweet is that?? (OMG! I'm sharing this heart-to-heart conversation on the web. HAHA!)

Oh well, anyways... There are lots of funny yet sweet quotes that I got from the movie, and my ultimate favorite is this one;

"You make my heart have premature ventricular contractions."

"You make my heart skip a beat."

P.S. I think I'd better get myself back to reality and deal with this massive workloads. And Genius-ing Brian McKnight's "Still In Love" wasn't really the best idea in this current mood of mine....

P.S.S. Found the track on the Period Mixtape that Adam made. Go click this!

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